What Truebill and Other Financial Apps Have in Common With EDR

Truebill, Chargebee, Fusebill and other financial applications have flooded my social diet, and until recently I didn’t understand why I needed one of these applications. I am someone who knows his bank balance down to the penny, and I was shocked to hear that many of my colleagues and of course my student didn’t know their bank balance was low until they tried to use their ATM card and were rejected. I’m also surprised how many people don’t know what’s going on with their bank accounts.  I may not understand exactly how much my Starbucks addiction costs, but I do and I need my caffeine!  Keeping abreast of how cybercriminals infiltrate the organisation or sneak past the final solution takes a lot of energy.

Then I started thinking about these new applications that I can’t imagine why everyone should use them – until I decided to name it with a….. and then I realized that I was also affected by subscriptions and payments that I had no idea I would be charged for.  It made me think about my false sense of security and how I felt protected by checking my account and tracking my entrances and exits.  I use my ATM card a lot, I use it all the time to make purchases and I link it to Apple Pay, Pay Pal and whatever you want, it’s linked.

Then why am I talking about this? In your job, you may be responsible for the safety of the company… and you may feel pretty confident in your control, as I do with my finances – but you don’t know what you don’t know. It is all well and good (and really desirable) to have an end point protection product, but is it possible that it gives you a sense of security that goes beyond the actual situation? Can there be underhand activities at a very low level that circumvent these decisions? I didn’t think so until I installed the app and found something I wasn’t sure about.

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And that’s where BDU comes in – because BDUs are designed to monitor what’s happening on your side, to track, consolidate and identify potential risks – very good BDU solutions will also bundle related elements into wires to speed up investigations, prioritise groups that need to be investigated first, and even automate some research processes.

Importance of automation

And don’t lose sight of the importance of this automation – when I looked at my finances – if the application I was trying to use had simply overloaded me with a huge amount of information (some of which I knew, some of which was surprising, everything had been turned upside down), I probably would have looked at it and decided that I was right all along… Everything was probably under control, and the effort to dig deeper was probably more than I could get in return. But it was automated, it consolidated the information, it simplified things… and finally, with a minimum of effort on my part, it showed me exactly what I needed to know. The net effect was positive. The BDU is the same – I talked to customers who tried it and just gave up because it was too complicated. It might be easier not to know what you don’t know – but it won’t be so safe!


That’s what security analysts like about MVISION EDR. MVISION EDR helps you find what is hidden and brings it to the surface where it can be inspected and then authorised or blocked. But unlike my bank account, it’s not 5 or 10 things you might not know, but tens of thousands of things a day. And that’s another thing they like about BDU MVISION – not only does it make it easier to identify these potential risks, it groups them into far fewer potential incidents, it prioritises them so they know which ones to investigate first, and it even uses the AI to guide these investigations and make suggestions on how to solve them quickly and accurately. What’s not to like?

If you want to see what you missed, take a look at the MVISION EDR.

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