What is Solidworks? Why is it used? Do you need it?

Little is known about Solidworks CAD (computer-aided design) solid-state modeling software, one of the most widely used modeling software, used by more than 200,000 engineers, designers and students worldwide.

Solidworks generally runs on Windows, although there are unsupported versions of MacOS. The first iteration of Solidworks was released in 1995 and since then each successive version has continuously evolved into a new version (currently at 13000).


Solidworks has a wide range of users. From students attending FSAE events to large companies. Solidworks is available in many publications with increasing functionality from Solidworks Student to Premium.

  • Solidworks Student Edition: The ideal set to start with the materialization of the intended scenarios in the classroom. Students can use the latest tools available on the 3DExperience platform to improve their design skills.
  • Solidworks Standard : In addition to the assembly parts, specialised 2D drawings and tools such as sheet metal and welding constructions are also supplied.
  • Solidworks Professional : Based on the Solidworks standard with an extensive component library, photorealistic rendering and collaboration capabilities.
  • Prime Solidworks: Adds more motion and structure analysis to the Professional edition. Interesting activities include reverse engineering, laying cables and pipes and smoothing the surface.

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Solidworks, developed with Parasolid kernel, uses the parametric approach of PTC (Creo/Pro-Engineer).

Constraints are parameters that determine the geometry or shape of the assembly. The parameters include both numerical and geometric parameters.

The design takes into account the model’s response to all changes and updates. When the user defines an object level, the design intent ensures that the specification is met.


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