What Is KFConsole Gaming By KFC

Last month Microsoft and Sony officially welcomed the world with their latest consoles. The best gaming machines are the Xbox Series X and the Sony PS5, with a graphic power that few PCs dream of. By combining a simplified gameplay and a butter-soft user interface with a hardware wizard, you have a certain recipe for success at your fingertips.

The two horses interfered with their own business in this race with two horses when an unusual competitor started to get unlucky punches. The culprit in question, Kentucky Fried Chicken, after being taken for an elaborate hoax, has finally decided to show the world his true intentions and has released a preview of the next tasty game console.

Today we look at the long awaited and widely published KFConsole and answer the questions that arise.

What is Kentucky Fried Consol?

KFC, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, has decided to throw his hat into the game console ring. It’s ridiculous, we know, but KFC seems very serious about this offer.

Together with Cooler Master, Asus and Seagate, the company has worked to create a special little computer that promises to give you everything you need and make you happy with chicken and games. The Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element processor powers the KFC console, has a high-end Asus GPU and stores its games on two 1TB custom Seagate BarraCuda SSDs.

There will also be a chicken room, the first of its kind, where players can keep their fried chicken warm and crispy for hours. The main frames have to go to Cooler Master to make the enclosure and have KFC make this ridiculous but enviable installation.

What are the special features of the KFC console?

You should already have an idea of what could be in this section, even if you look at the previous section. Yes, it’s time to embrace the absurd.

KFC Chicken room

It is best to start by tackling the elephant in the room, the chicken room, because it is a Kentucky Friend Chicken game computer. Cooler Master and KFC are happy to announce that this is the first official representation of this unusual concept, and they are indeed well placed. No organization has ever done what the KFC and its KFC console do.

As advertised, the KFConsole has a thick tray to put the chicken pieces on, almost like a deep fryer. The device reverses any heat generated in the room until you place the food in the room and close the drawer. So, the more you play, the longer you can keep the soft chickens.


Consoles are known as excellent long-term buyers because of their strong internal characteristics and simplified playability. However, consoles can sometimes process fewer images than PCs, even though they are completely designed for the latest games. They often seem to miss the graphic magic so easily powered by powerful PCs.

By implementing hot-swappable GPUs, the KFC console solves this problem. Compared to its competitors, the KFC console will, if and when it becomes available, actually make it possible to buy a new GPU. It is not necessary to use an experienced manager for the KFC console. Just get a new GPU – Asus is the partner here – and get to work.

4K TV game

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are marketed as the perfect 4K game platforms. KFConsole has also entered this market segment with an amazing 240 Hz support for 4K displays. In case you’re wondering, double the frameset of the PS5 or Xbox Series X now.

In addition, the KFC console provides support for ray tracing and virtual reality, providing an unparalleled level of immersion.

How do I buy a KFConsole?

You may be disappointed that the KFC console is not ready for the market if you are already enthusiastic about the specifications. Of course it was a bit teasing, but we have no idea about the availability of the KFC console and, more importantly, the price. We are confident that it will be implemented in the coming months, given the importance of KFC’s contribution. First quarter of 2021, hopefully.

Is the KFConsole a real game console?

On paper, the KFC console looks absolutely stunning, with a chicken camera, a hot-swappable GPU, a 2TB SSD and a 9th generation Intel i9 processor. A generation that rules everything. However, the company has not yet revealed enough to call it a full-fledged game console.

We still don’t know how much RAM it will have, with which GPU it will be equipped, or that it will have a special user interface for the PlayStation and Xbox-like console. So for the time being it looks more and more like a fully loaded Windows system with aftermarket tuning, rather than a separate game system.

How does the KFC console compare to the PS5 or XBOX X series?

Of course, we also don’t know much about the KFC console – RAM and GPU to be precise. According to the requirements of Cooler Master and KFC, the KFC console will offer 240 fps 4K gaming, beating the newest and biggest consoles. This level of efficiency can only be achieved with a powerful GPU, which makes us a little cautious about the price.

However, if KFC doesn’t take a step back, we could be in the presence of some really remarkable playground equipment.

Is KFConsole a good gadget?

From what we’ve seen so far, the KFC console looks very real. That does not mean that KFC had no ulterior motives from the start. With a proposal for something absurd and surprising, the company decided to put the spotlight on the new generation of consoles. You will spend valuable minutes thinking or reading about KFConsole, whether you are skeptical or religious. And that’s exactly what the KFC had in mind when it launched its unique little slot machine.

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