Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2- Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Key features

  • Reliable and durable
  • Soft damping
  • Uses micro D technology
  • Allows you to go faster
  • Very well adapted

Finding the best basketball shoes isn’t as easy as you might think, and it takes a lot more effort to choose the right ones. When purchasing a pair of the best outdoor basketball shoes, there are a number of factors to consider that will make your purchase flawless, including durability, building materials, shoe sizes, cushioning, traction patterns, price and your style of play. With all these features in mind, the best basketball shoe I recommend is the Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2.

Under Armour is a well-known brand of sports equipment that even its only customer has never disappointed. These basketball shoes have a very strong impact on the user due to their ClutchFit Drive 2 clutch system. These basketball shoes are remarkable for their cushioning because they use Micro-D technology. The lining of this shoe is slightly stronger for greater durability and also allows for faster movements. Thanks to this solid filling, you don’t have to worry, because your comfort won’t be compromised.

As far as traction is concerned, the AU ClutchFit D2 has a singlebot comparable to multidirectional traction. Because this shoe has better coverage, sufficient cushioning and a rubber outsole, it is better suited for hard and fast cuts. The ClutchFit Drive 2 specification has a robust roof and is somehow very flexible. The material is not much more advanced than that of ClutchFit Drive 1, but by no means less.

I advise you to buy a size that is one and a half times smaller than your standard and that fits your morphology. The shoe has a number of areas, such as the forefoot, which can be improved with Under Armor. Overall, the shoe offers incredible support, is a little heavier than most outdoor basketball shoes, offers good traction and comfortable cushioning.

All in all, this might be the best outdoor basketball shoe you can buy, and I don’t advise you to give it up. Even if you use it once, you can never forget it. With these shoes, nothing can stop you or slow down your fighting spirit during the game, and you’ll enter the combat zone with a new kind of confidence, so make sure you enjoy your precious purchase.


  • Good grip
  • Provides excellent support
  • Good for amateurs.
  • Designed for electric shields
  • A reasonable price


Why are basketball shoes important?

Basketball shoes are essential for every basketball player who has to put a foot on the basketball court. You cannot play basketball with the same shoes you use when you walk around, because basketball requires a different type of shoe. Really? Because you have to hit the ball with force and with normal shoes, it is impossible to hit the ball so hard without getting injured You also have to run fast and know what not to do to win the battle against your opponents. All you need is the best basketball shoes to play outside.

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