Top 8 Best Budget Monitor for Graphic Designer

Before purchasing a budget monitor to work in the field of graphic design, you should consider a number of options. The quality of your work depends on your presentation possibilities. You should choose one of them carefully by checking the specifications of each unit before the final purchase. So you can benefit from professional results at any time. Here are some of the key features to consider when choosing a cheap monitor for graphic work, as well as some of the excellent models available today.

Best budget monitor for graphic design

Asus ProArt Display

Asus ProArt Display is beautiful and technologically advanced. It connects through several ports and protects your vision with anti glare. You can adjust the viewing angle and height to suit your personal preferences to maintain the correct posture. It also offers rich and accurate graphics that deliver captivating images every time.

Details and features

Size and resolution

With its 24.1-inch screen, Asus ProArt can let you enjoy a wide-angle view. With so many digital tools, you can view photos and videos of landscapes. The monitor has a WUXGA resolution of 1920 x 1200 and an aspect ratio of 16:10, which complies with the international standard for 100% sRGB color reproduction. In this way, each pixel is displayed in its most decadent form.

Advanced communication

You can connect accessories, cables and other monitors to your Asus ProArt display. It is equipped with a DisplayPort, D-Sub and universal HDMI connection. The monitor has an audio input port, a headphone jack and a total of 4 USB ports. These ports allow you to connect storage devices and enjoy your media directly from your monitor.

Flexible mounting options

Asus ProArt Display – VESA wall monitor. So you can hang it on the wall and create space on your desk. In addition, you can benefit from optimal viewing angles because the monitor can be rotated, tilted and rotated as desired. You can also adjust the height to ensure a perfect posture.

Presets for colours

Each time you view the content on your screen, you can achieve optimal brightness with the built-in color presets. You can choose between exclusive ProArt presets and the ProArt palette. So you can find the perfect colour scheme for your monitor.

Advantages and disadvantages of

The advantages of

  • Full view 24.1 inch
  • Advanced communication
  • Pre-programmed colour settings
  • VESA wall mount and fully adjustable
  • power efficiency


Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

Asus ProArt Display marks all areas of graphic design work. It is large, offers rich colors and has advanced connectivity options. It is versatile and can be adjusted to ideal viewing angles.

Acer IPS 23.8-inch widescreen monitor

With its glossy black frame, the Acer widescreen monitor is an excellent device for graphic design. It has a large screen and offers graphics in LCD technology. Thanks to the high resolution, you can feel connected and enjoy sharp, clear images. The monitor is also designed without a frame, which makes it even more attractive.

Details and features

beautiful design

Having this screen in your office is both functional and decorative. The large viewing area shows the contents perfectly. It features a zero-image design for optimal immersion in video content. It rests on a round base for maximum stability and the outer surface is shiny for an exceptionally attractive appearance.

Size and resolution

The Acer widescreen display measures 23.8 inches and has a high definition (HD) resolution of 1920 x 1080. The device has a viewing angle of 178 degrees and cools down to 60 Hz at a frequency of 4 ms. Thanks to LCD technology, each image is as simple as possible for your enjoyment.

Many contributions

With the Acer widescreen monitor, you can display content from different signal inputs. The unit has an HDMI terminal and a DVI terminal. It also has a VGA port to which other monitors or content sources, such as laptops, can be easily connected.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • It is designed without a frame for more beauty.
  • A wide range of connectivity options
  • This is Energy Star.


  • The screen is subject to power failure.

Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

You should buy an Acer widescreen because it’s great and versatile. It has advanced connectivity and excellent image quality. You never have to worry about electricity costs, because electricity is also energy efficient!

Dell 24-inch ultra-sharp 24-inch monitor with endless bezel

Few monitors can match the beauty of this Dell Infinity Edge monitor. It delivers Full HD images and has an anti-reflective coating so you can view the content without annoying reflections. The monitor is also equipped with a VESA holder for stable positioning on the desktop.

Details and features

Advanced design

Images and videos come to life on Dell’s ultra-precise Infinity Edge monitor thanks to bezel design. The edges are super thin on all four sides, so that your images are spread out as wide and high as possible. So you can render and edit even the largest photos with this monitor.

Graphic possibility

With this monitor you can enjoy high resolution (HD) video and 1080 pixel images. The device has an average colour resolution of 99 sRGB and a response time of 6 to 8 ms. With the Dell Ultrasharp Infinity Edge monitor, you can achieve a brightness level of up to 250 cd/m² for accurate photo editing, even in low light.

Comprehensive interaction with hardware

You can connect an extra monitor, laptop or desktop computer. It has an HDMI port and 4 USB 3.0 ports for advanced connectivity. With these functions you can create a complete work center with this monitor.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • It has an endless boundary for beautiful images.
  • The monitor has several connection ports
  • It provides high-resolution (HD) images.
  • The monitor is guaranteed for 3 years.


Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

You should invest in the Dell Ultrasharp Infinity Edge monitor because it is reliable and highly functional. The endless border offers plenty of space for viewing and editing landscape images. You can connect storage devices and other accessories to this monitor via connection ports.

ViewSonic VP2458 Professional 24-inch monitor

If you are looking for highly accurate colour images, look no further than the ViewSonic VP2458 monitor. The camera delivers images and videos in Full High Definition (HD) format with a resolution of 1080p. The edges are very thin, which allows better illumination during treatment. You can also take advantage of improved connectivity through the multiple ports on this screen.

Frameless digital display

The ViewSonic VP2458 monitor is designed for frameless digital displays with very thin frames. Every time you look around, you see more images and not the monitor frame. The black structure also ensures that your images are visible despite the light conditions.

Better colour accuracy

The monitor has 100% sRGB color coverage and Delta E<2 color accuracy, so every pixel looks realistic. You can process images with confidence because the ViewSonic VP2458 monitor features flicker-free technology for stable operation. You can use this monitor all day comfortably because it also has a blue light filter. It also includes SuperClear IPS 60 Hz technology to ensure image quality.

Comprehensive communication

Readers or accessories can easily be connected to this monitor because it has many ports and connections. It has HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort and USB 3.1 connectors. This allows you to connect other Windows or Mac OS laptops to this monitor.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • Thin, endless rims
  • Color enhancement technologies such as SuperClear and flicker protection
  • Multiple connection ports
  • Three year warranty


Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

You will need to purchase the ViewSonic VP2458 monitor because it features various color enhancement technologies. It has endless panels and many ports to connect. Your eyes are also protected by the integrated blue light protection.

Acer CB271HU 27 IPS 2K/QHD 4 ms (GTG) Monitor

If you need to edit large images, the Acer CB271HU monitor will cover you. It has a large 27-inch screen that offers plenty of room to view, and built-in features to improve image quality. The monitor uses LCD technology and offers various connection options. If you need a large 27-inch screen, read the article

Details and features

Size and resolution

The monitor measures 27 inches and offers a QHD Wide with a resolution of 2560x1440p. It reaches 16.7 million colors at 100% sRGB. You can enjoy the feeling of fatigue if you use this monitor for a long period of time because it has a blue light filter. This way, your eyes are protected at all times.

Total adaptability

The Acer CB271HU monitor can be optimally positioned because it is fully customizable. You can adjust the height and rotate to change the orientation. You can also tilt it to get a perfect viewing angle and the camera is a VESA manipulator. These settings give you enough freedom to position this monitor.

Universal communication

This monitor allows you to enjoy a wide range of content because it offers universal connectivity. It has HDMI port, DisplayPort, DVI and USB 3.0 port. It also has an audio output for multimedia.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • It has a large screen
  • You can set it up any way you want.
  • There are several connection options
  • It’s under warranty.


  • It does not have a USB 3.0 port.

Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

You should purchase the Acer CB271HU monitor because it’s designed to increase your productivity. Enjoy the freedom to rotate the camera 90 degrees for a portrait view, or 180 degrees for a landscape view. It is equipped with various connection options to meet the needs of users.

Philips 24-inch frameless monitor, Full HD IPS, 129% sRGB, 75 Hz, FreeSync,

The beauty of this monitor can be seen at a glance! The frameless Philips monitor has nice edges and a very narrow frame. This gives you a clear view of the images for easier editing. It offers Full High Definition (FHD) resolution for immersive graphics and a rugged stainless steel stand for maximum stability.

Details and features

Perfect design

The frameless Philips monitor has a striking design with its clean lines and narrow frame. 23.8 inches of its 24-inch size can be seen. You can enjoy wide-angle images and rich colors on this most affordable monitor for UI UX designers. The frame is black and is mounted on a stainless steel frame, which gives a nice contrast with the colours of the exterior.

Colour technology

Thanks to the built-in colour enhancement technology, you can enjoy the rich graphics on this screen. It comes complete with AMD FreeSync and Ultra-Wide Color systems to guarantee beautiful colors every time. Graphical stability is also guaranteed by the anti-flicker technology integrated in the monitor.

Communication and protective features

Hours of graphic design on this monitor will not put any strain on your eyes because it is equipped with blue light filter technology. You can also connect storage devices, accessories and even other monitors to your device via HDMI, USB 3.0 or DisplayPort.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • He has a beautiful, endless display
  • Internal colour technology ensures rich images
  • Different ports offer better communication
  • You benefit from a four-year warranty


  • This causes a delay of the mouse when setting the display to 4K

Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

The frameless Philips screen is a beautiful, modern screen for your computer system. This most affordable monitor, with up to 200 screens, combines various color enhancement technologies to deliver rich graphics in all areas. Thanks to its connectivity, it can be used to display media from external storage devices.

BenQ 24-inch QHD 1440pIPS BenQ 24-inch QHD 1440pIPS BenQ 24-inch IPS Monitor

Professional graphic design requires accurate image reproduction and the BenQ monitor does the job perfectly. This is a widescreen display with QHD resolution. The device features patented authentic automated design (CAD) and automated manufacturing (CAM) systems, making it the best friend of a graphic designer.

Details and features

Screen size and resolution

The BenQ monitor allows you to view images or videos on a 23.8-inch screen. It has a narrow edge for maximum coverage and a resolution of 2560×1440 2K/QHD for maximum clarity. The monitor can reach 100% RGB and is completely flicker-free for better stability during use. These features make the screen an ideal tool for graphic design in CAD, CAM and animation.

Connectivity and compatibility

The BenQ monitor can be easily connected to other displays or accessories using the included HDMI connection. It is also compatible with various operating systems, including all versions of Windows, Linux and Mac.

Fully adjustable sections

You can easily adjust the height of this monitor. In addition, the viewing angle can also be adjusted by tilting it. In this way you reach the ideal position for ergonomic health during use.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • The monitor has a large size
  • Produces rich colors for accurate graphics.
  • it can achieve 2K resolution
  • It’s covered by a warranty.


  • The screen can blink and make pop-up sounds.

Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

Buying a BenQ monitor is a great idea because it gives you rich colors and patented systems that guarantee efficiency. It is fully adjustable and also protects the eyes by filtering blue light. It is the ideal monitor for image processing.

VidSonic VP2468 Monitor

Graphical editing requires a widescreen display and ViewSonic’s VP2468 monitor is ideal for this. This is a professional device that presents high-definition (HD) graphics. The screen also features a thin frame that maximizes the viewing area for your viewing pleasure.

Details and features

eye-catching design

The ViewSonic VP2468 24-inch monitor is an excellent device. Finished in glossy black, it serves as a monitor and decoration for your office. The frame is so thin that it can be considered frameless. Thanks to this design it opens more of the screen and less of the monitor itself!

High quality image reproduction

The monitor displays images correctly thanks to the Full High Definition (FHD) resolution of 1920x1080p. The precision of Delta e<2 makes it possible to obtain photographs of a constant wealth. Based on a palette of 4.39 trillion colours, this monitor offers a very realistic reproduction.

Universal compatibility

Various peripherals and accessories can be connected to the ViewSonic VP2468 monitor as it has an HDMI port, USB port and DisplayPort connection. This allows you to connect laptops, storage devices and projectors as needed. And even better: It comes with a USB 3.0 cable for long-term use.

strengths and weaknesses

The advantages of

  • This is a frameless digital display.
  • The image is very realistic.
  • It rests on a very stable basis
  • You benefit from a three-year warranty after your purchase.


  • The monitor may take on a yellowish hue.

Why would you buy this budget monitor for graphic design?

Purchasing the ViewSonic VP2468 is a great idea because it ensures high quality images while offering great durability. It maximizes connectivity and presents the content in a frameless form. The presence of this monitor significantly improves the appearance of your office!

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How to choose a vertical monitor and which type of monitor is most suitable?

How do I select a budget monitor for graphic designers?


There are three main types of computer screen technologies: Twisted Nematic (TN), in-plane switching (IPS) and vertical alignment (VA). The Twisted Nematic (TN) mechanism is the oldest type of computer screen design. This is an architecture inherited from LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) and no longer used by manufacturers. The IPS (In-Plane Switching) architecture makes it possible to use monitors with wider viewing angles and brighter colors. It should be noted that the IPS technology is very popular with Samsung displays. VA (Display Panel Vertical Alignment) technology is the latest and greatest experience. VA monitors consistently offer a contrast ratio of up to 6000:1, resulting in true black tones. With this in mind, the best type of scoreboard for graphic design uses VA technology.

Grey scale and colour accuracy

A modern, good quality monitor should have an excellent grey tone, with white that remains neutral and constant at all brightness levels. You should also be able to determine color accuracy using RGB sliders. These properties are essential for graphic designers. At the same time, it is necessary to determine the color temperature and image quality of the monitor.

Screen size and resolution

A large screen is always better than a small screen, and the same goes for the graphic design. Monitors are available in sizes ranging from 13 inches to 32 inches or larger. Choose a device that offers enough space to display large images while maintaining excellent colour quality. The resolution should be high (HD) and higher. In this case, the best budget monitor up to 100 will always deliver sharp, clear images for flawless editing and production.


Graphic design work can be very time consuming, so feel comfortable throughout the process. Select a monitor whose position and orientation can be adjusted. That’s why the industry standard is the VESA mount, which allows the monitor to be mounted on a wall. Some units cover an extra kilometre and can be aligned 180 degrees or 90 degrees if desired.


Q : What types of ports can I find on my screen?

A : These affordable monitors are equipped with HDMI, USB 3.0, DisplayPort and audio connections.

Q : Can I control any operating system with a monitor?

A : Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Budget monitors are designed to be compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Q : Do I need to adjust colour temperature, brightness and contrast manually?

A : These advanced monitors do not require manual configuration because they have built-in presets like ProArt Preset.

Q : What imaging technologies are used on the monitors?

A : These budget monitors use LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.


If you work in the graphic industry, you need a powerful monitor. He or she must view images and photographs in high resolution, such as Full High Definition (FHD) and 2K. By reaching these image levels, budget controllers can ensure sharp clarity in every image. Other elements to take into account when purchasing a budget monitor are design technology, size and adaptability. To help you choose, we looked at the 8 best budget monitors for graphic designers, and the frameless Philips monitor was the best budget monitor for graphic design. It is beautiful, slim and gives clear and sharp images. If you are looking for a budget controller for graphic design, look no further than this exceptional model!

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