Top 7 Best vibration apps for Android and iOS (2020)

According to the Mayo Clinic, daily exposure to vibrations for 10 to 15 minutes a day can help improve circulation, flexibility, reduce stress levels, and so on. Electronic stimulators contain powerful vibrators, but they are expensive. In the gyms you will also find masseurs, but not everyone likes to go to the gym. Some applications on the Play Store and iTunes can control the vibrations on your phone. So you can turn your phone into a stimulator by simply activating vibration mode and placing it on your chosen body part. Why are you using a third party application? Although smartphones can vibrate, the vibration only lasts a few seconds. You can make the phone vibrate longer by manually playing a ringtone. Here you will find the best vibration applications for Android and IOS devices (iPhone and iPad):

Vibration massage App

This application pretends to relax your body through the following four modes:

  • Usually.
  • It’s crazy.
  • Weak power.
  • Strong to weak.

As soon as you select the mode and press the round pink button, the application becomes effective. The application vibrates your phone regularly at short intervals. Each mode has a different pause time (interval). MV also has sounds of rain, thunder, birds, waves, ocean, etc. If you do not want to play with the phone speaker, you can adjust the sound volume in this application.

Strong vibrator

VS offers more vibration modes/models than the above application. It can also make the phone vibrate continuously without interruption. With VS, users can create their own templates using the built-in VibraBuilder tool. You can change the intensity, duration, etc. of the vibration for each model. The application makes it possible to control the vibration velocity. It is also possible to play the sound of white noise when it is active.


Like other applications, Joysy has different modes. It also has a tool to create a custom vibration mode. Other mobile applications continue to vibrate on your phone even when the screen is turned off. Joyzy stops the vibrations when the screen is off. This prevents the battery from being discharged unnecessarily. The application comes with many sounds. It can play sound and vibrate the phone at the same time.

Pure vibrator

The pure vibrator is the best application on this list. It has a nice interface and many options. PV has two color themes and options to turn off swing/tone. This application allows you to listen to sounds by default before you do it. PV can continuously vibrate your phone at the intensity you set. You can also set the pause time in this application. This pattern is called My Mood. In addition, the PV is also equipped with 5 vibration cartridges – endless, explosive, random mix, overlapping shaft.


If you only want to know the intensity and duration of the vibrations, then this application is for you. The VM looks like a seismograph. It shows a wave diagram and a number called the intensity of the vibration. Each time the phone moves, the VM displays the number and distorts the wave. You can set the application to sound an audible alarm when the intensity reaches the threshold you set. It can also generate beeps.

Vibration plus

VP is a simple utility that can vibrate your mobile device continuously or in a custom template with either of these two values:

  • Duration/Length.
  • Time for a break.

VP displays two options on the screen when you run them. You must click on your chosen option.

Body massager vibrations Appendix

When you start the BMVA, the following four models are displayed on the screen:

  • Constant / average vibration.
  • Soft impulses, deep massage.

If you select mode 1, you will see a button called Start Massage. If you press any of the three remaining modes, you will see a button and a slider to adjust the vibration intensity. Press the key.

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Use one of the above applications if you are looking for an alternative to the electronic massager. The intensity of the vibrations will not be as strong as that of electronic devices, but it is worth trying some applications.

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