The Most Common Mistakes When Shooting With Your Smartphone

There are a lot of mistakes people make when they shoot their smartphones.

The first thing they forget is the camera. It may seem obvious, but for them it’s often a smartphone that makes movies, that’s all.

But it’s actually a camera they have at hand. In addition, there are many professional videos and videos made exclusively from smartphones.

The second error, of course the most common, is that they shoot vertically or in portrait format. So of course it is a reflex, but you have to get used to photographing landscapes. Can you imagine a film shot in portrait mode? It wouldn’t be a big deal.

In landscape mode, you can harmonize the frame better and make the composition more beautiful. We can fire quickly, but prepare to fire with a few quick glances.

Third mistake, and finally, avoid zooming. It is better to get closer, because the zooming on our smartphones makes the image even worse.

Although the appearance on most smartphones is really good, the zoom level has unfortunately not yet been developed. We can still establish a few basic rules for a good phone recording.

Accessories for starting videos on your smartphone

The magic of a smartphone is that we can start making very good quality videos with very little hardware.

The initial offer is very low. For only 75 euros you can start making videos. For this investment, you can purchase three basic accessories to get you started.

The first one is a lapel microphone.

People often neglect sound when it’s important. You may have the best image in the world, but if you don’t hear your sound, the audience will walk away.

Too bad we took the time to take a nice picture. Don’t forget that you have to take every opportunity to keep your viewer on your video.

Nowadays, we are constantly entertained by environmental elements such as the telephone, Facebook, e-mail, etc. If you add extra difficulty for your audience, it will pass very quickly.

The microphone is already on our cute toys, and I also see a lot of people using it for their videos. It’s a big disaster.

With a clearer tone, your audience is more focused on what you say. For a tie mike, it starts at $15.

Second accessory: Tripod

If you hold a smartphone in your hands, you’ll soon realise that it’s not easy to create stable projects, and the first consequence will be that it will harm your work.

With a tripod, you can take your time, take care of frame composition and adjust the position of the subject. Soon you may discover you have a new eye, because you won’t be in a hurry.

It is wrong to believe that taking a picture with a tripod makes the image more static. You can pan by twisting the head of your tripod or by taking it down vertically.

Last accessories, shoulder pads.

The shoulder pad is an accessory that allows you to pull safely at the height of the handle. The shoulder pad can be used in 2 types of situations.

First of all, it can come next to the tripod. For me they are inseparable, together they form an incredible duo. In no time he’ll be screwing the tripod head to fix your smartphone.

Another advantage of the shoulder pad, which distinguishes it from other media available on the market, is that you can shoot in flight with an incredible grip.

You get stability, and if you add an application that stabilizes your shots, you can shoot in cinematic style.

Bonus Tips: Expanding your presence on social networks

Whatever your niche or as an animation company in Dubai Media City, you can be sure that at some point someone will be looking for you on social media platforms and your presence will be essential.

If you use your animated videos correctly, you can attract more viewers when they present your products and report on your approach.

If we only talk about YouTube, it’s because there are multiple views per day. As Facebook and Twitter are also very encouraging for video content, because it is a quick and easy exchange platform.

Facebook is the second place on YouTube for streaming video. This allows you to make optimal use of social networking sites by harnessing the power of these networks.


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The most common mistakes when taking pictures with a smartphone


The most common mistakes when taking pictures with a smartphone



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