KDE Plasma 5.21 – Top Upcoming Features and Release Date

The next KDE plasma 5.21 desktop environment is currently under development. Function updates and other changes are slowly becoming visible. Here are the most important upcoming features and the release date.

The KDE plasma team is currently working on bug fixes for the latest major release of KDE plasma 5.20, which was an excellent release with many new features. And it looks like the upcoming KDE plasma 5.21 will also be another important release.

KDE plasma 5.21 Date of issue

KDE plasma 5.21 was released on the 9th. February 2021.

Prior to this, KDE plasma 5.21 beta will be released between January 2020 and 21 January. January 2020.

Let’s take a look at the new features and improvements in KDE Plasma 5.21. I have compiled the following list from various sources and I remember it is still under development. So some people don’t pass the final version – well, that depends on different regression tests.

KDE plasma 5.21 – New features and improvements

  • Plasma 5.21 officially uses Systemd at the time it is placed on the market, if available. This improvement is accompanied by a variety of basic services. For normal users, the startup time in KDE plasma 5.21 is much faster. Under the bonnet, this change avoids the running conditions of the process at start-up, better cleaning of the session – both eliminate possible system suspensions. Also improves resource management between operating system processes by using management groups (cgroups).
  • Systemd startup is enabled by default when available.
  • The System Preferences home page now displays the shortcuts you have changed since opening the Preferences dialog – when you click the Highlight Change Settings button.
  • VPN notifications and network verification dialogues now use clearer and more consistent terminology.
  • On the Plasma Desktop, you can select an accent color for the current color scheme.

Colour accent – plasma 5.21

  • With KRunner, you can now add a command (perhaps something you use often) – so you can be in your workflow faster. It’s a very practical feature.

KRunner – Controllers based on self-adhesive plasma 5.21

  • KDE Plasma 5.21 shows frequently used system configuration options in the context menu of the settings themselves. This allows you to quickly return to your preferred settings.
  • Now the media controller has random and loopback playback controls in the notification directly on the media player.

Impact and hinge control – Plasma 5.21

  • With Plasma 5.21 you can choose the first day of the week – Sunday, Monday, Friday, Saturday or the default regional settings. This is very useful for people who use different time zones.

Change of first day of week – plasma 5.21

The current KDE plasma 5.20 is currently going through a bugfix phase. The final patch for the current version of KDE plasma 5.20.9 is expected mid-January 2021. This releases the KDE 5.21 plasma.

Here are the currently known features of KDE Plasma 5.21 I will update this message as more and more features become available.

Image credits: invent.kde.org

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