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Usually the number of WhatsApp status displays for contacts exchanging these messages. In some special cases, you can display the WhatsApp status message without telling them you just did.

It is very common in scenarios with an ex-girlfriend, an ex-girlfriend, a stalker, when a site is constantly watching who is watching a Status WhatsApp.

In this article, you will learn how to display WhatsApp status without telling your friends what you saw and how to hide what you saw when updating WhatsApp status.

It does not require roots or hard products. Just normal sailing and boom! You will need the following Android applications.

  1. File manager
  2. GBWhatsApp

How can I view the WhatsApp status without telling my friends?

1. Using the file manager:

You can use a file manager or, as it is called, a file explorer to view the status of WhatsApp. One of the advantages of using the file manager is that you cannot see the animated status of WhatsApp because it floats in a different way. You look at them like normal pictures.

To do this, you need to open your file manager. You may not need a special case manager for this. It works on all file managers, but you need to enable the Show hidden files option. File managers contain folders. I bet you’ve seen him.

File management -> WhatsApp -> .status

You should see a list of statuses saved by WhatsApp. No one has noticed that you check your WhatsApp status.

The only disadvantage of this method is that you cannot see beautiful animations of the images used in the report.

However, there is a method to hide the visible status under WhatsApp. This includes the use of GBWhatsApp. This is a customized WhatsApp with more features than the official WhatsApp. Although it works perfectly, as you imagined.

Update : This method no longer hides WhatsApp’s status display, but only stores the statuses you viewed.

2. Using the WhatsApp Read Receipts Option

These vouchers are a privacy setting to disable the second blue box on WhatsApp. In general, a single gray check mark on WhatsApp indicates that your message has just been sent.

A double grey check mark indicates that the message has been delivered and a double blue check mark indicates that the message has been read.

The play confirmation function is used to disable play confirmation chats when they are delivered. This means that your contacts do not know that you are reading the chat room.

These vouchers also work with WhatsApp status. Your contact won’t know you checked his status.

How to disable control playback on WhatsApp

  1. Open WatsApp
  2. Go to WhatsApp Settings
  3. Select an account
  4. Click on Privacy
  5. Now scroll down to read the receipts and remove the check mark.

The only drawback of the vouchers you read is that you disable the double blue check mark that indicates to your contacts that their messages have been received.

3. Using GBWhatsApp to hide WhatsApp status display

GBWhatsApp is a cloned or custom WhatsApp. This is the same as the official WhatsApp application, except that it is not from WhatsApp.

It has many additional features and privacy controls, including the ability to view all WhatsApp statuses shared by your contacts without having to turn off reading the receipts.

The only disadvantage of using GBWhatsApp is that it is not recommended by WhatsApp and is not available in the Play Store or App Store.

Hiding WhatsApp Status with GBWhatsApp

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See Whatsapp status update without checking

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  1. Backup your WhatsApp Chat Rooms
  2. Download GBWhatsApp here
  3. Installing and opening GBWhatsApp
  4. Close GBWhatsApp now
  5. Copy your backup chat to the GBWhatsApp folder (File Manager -> GBWhatsApp -> Databases).
  6. Open and configure your number on GBWhatsApp
  7. When you have finished logging in, go to the Privacy section.
  8. In the ‘Privacy’ section, select the status of the screen.

Your GBWhatsApp needs to be restarted. Now you can always view WhatsApp status updates for all your contacts without seeing them.

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