How to use the Raid Finder in Final Fantasy XIV

The Raid Finder is a separate menu for participation in the elite battles of Final Fantasy XIV, such as the last extreme and unrealistic bonuses, but also wild and ultimate raids. Although the search function for raids is similar to the search function for random selection of players to do high-end raids, it doesn’t always work as well as you might think.

As with other systems in the game, there are certain cultural barriers that depend on your region of the world. Not every player in every region uses the memory of the raid in the same way.

Use of dikes

Like the Duty Finder, the Raid Finder displays a list of currently available high-level tasks. You can find them in the Duty Finder itself after switching to the High-End Duty tab. You can also open the search results directly from the menu. Once you have chosen your service, you have the opportunity to select the appropriate requirements before being put on the waiting list.

  • The service is over: They’ve already gone through the fight and are looking for the farm.
  • The duty has not been fulfilled: They haven’t finished fighting yet.
  • End of shift: They’re ready and eager to face the whole fight at a glance.
  • Practical: You want to train for the fight, whether it’s the first or the last step.

High quality raid index as a solo player

In short, people just don’t do it.

On North American and European servers, you can only use the Raid Finder after you have retrieved the entire group via the Party Finder. Players in these areas simply do not use the raid finder as a complete alternative to the Duty Finder. Everyone prefers to use the Party Finder to check who joins the group, so the whole group knows what they are trying to achieve. The party leader then uses the Raid Sight to gain access to the battle, moving the party within the body.

Jumping in and out of battles with random players seems convenient, but you won’t find any of this on the North American and European servers. In the end, you’re wasting your time queuing up for the final extreme and wondering why no one else is participating.

Image via Square Enix

However, players on Japanese servers use the Raid Finder at their own discretion. They often practice fighting with the Raid Finder and treat it like the Duty Finder for high-end battles. Then they organize parties on the farm with Party Finder. There are several reasons for these cultural differences between the regions.

Japanese players usually use a macro to assign the players the necessary tasks for the pattern mechanic, and then start the fight. North American and European actors choose a common strategy, define it in their party research group and work out the details once they get there.

For North American and European actors, it is also necessary to use the Party Finder to pre-screen non-cooperating actors. If someone drags the party down, there’s a simple solution. Leave an example to meet one or two people, and then quickly and easily return to the Party Finder for recruitment. I had to split up the whole group to leave a trail in search of the robbery, wasting everyone’s time. In a nutshell: The Raid Finder does not offer the same control and micro-management as the Party Finder.

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