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If you remember the good old days, when we used to play on the split screen on the couch, you also remember the one person who was constantly looking at your part of the screen to see where you were going.

Creek Shooting is essentially a more modern version. The only difference is that instead of physically looking at the screen, you watch the feed on Twitch or YouTube.

A brief warning before we get to the heart of the matter: This action makes the eyebrows frown in the game and especially in the snipe community. It also comes as close as possible to cheating in the game without using real pirates.

So, be a good boy and don’t give in to that sort of thing. Let’s see how you can miss a snip.

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There are many variables for streaming sniping. You have to be in the same game as the banner you’re aiming for. This can be a challenge in itself.

Take Fortnite, for example. To enter the same game as your banner, you must be in the same playing field, queuing at the same time and have approximately the same skill rating in the game, a hidden number that is used to match players with the same skill.

Even after that you have to keep your fingers crossed and hope that the game allows you to spawn on the same server.

If you manage to get into the same game as your streamer, most streams are delayed, so you’ll always have to guess where the player you’re aiming for will be.

Many games, including Fortnite, feature user-friendly streaming modes. These modes anonymize the bander, making it difficult for others to know who the bander is, so the bander cannot be cut off.

Resuming a flow is often difficult and not worthwhile.

And if you manage to get past it, just follow the current, find out where the banner flows and end up in the same place, and that’s where the hardest part starts.

Here’s the problem: Most banners are at least somewhat adept at the game they play. The more popular the banner, the better it will be. To put them in place, you have to be in good shape. If you are already at this level, we encourage you to listen.

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No, you shouldn’t.

The above causes a lot of resentment in the gaming community and is often seen as deception and/or grief. Considering the effort it takes to do Jet Snipe, it’s not worth it.

Video games are for fun, not to piss people off. The game developers even went so far as to ban people caught red-handed. So we suggest you watch your favorite streamers and play your favorite games one by one.

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