How To Quote Someone On Discord

Discord is a free VoIP application that has been introduced to gamers around the world. Compared to other platforms such as Slack and other professional chat programs, you couldn’t name anyone at first.

First, we have to understand that discord was never meant to be used by businessmen. However, if you can quote someone in the application, it will be easier for you to respond to what that person has said. It also allows you to highlight essential messages during a call.

Discordance is our main video chat and calling application. And it was frustrating not being able to quote other articles. For a long time users had to use blocks of code or chatbots.

Discord has recently released an update with a built-in feature to quote other people in the application.

With Divergence, users can be quoted the same way on all platforms, including desktops, iOS and Android.

Although multi-line lists on the desktop are a bit different than in mobile applications, the process is exactly the same.

In this article we will see how the citation function works in the Discord application.


Quotation marks for one line

A one-line quote is used when you want to quote something that uses just one line of text. There are no line or paragraph breaks in the message.

To quote a single line, type the > symbol, then a space and then your quote.


Multiline offer

A multi-line quote is used when you want to quote text that uses more than one line (such as paragraphs) or has line breaks.

To quote a paragraph with multiple lines, type the > symbol followed by a space for each new paragraph you want to quote. However, this is a time-consuming process if you want to add a large number of paragraphs between quotation marks.

There’s another way to quote someone from multiple lines: Type >> followed by a space at the beginning of a line of text. So the whole article is part of the quote. The only way to get out of such a quote is to skip the >> symbol and use the > symbol.

As I said before, multiline quotes work differently in desktop applications. This is because > and >> both define multiple quotes by default. To place it in a single line of quotation marks, press the Enter key and then the Backspace key to return to normal text.

Use code blocks

For the publication of block quotes by Dissor, users who wanted to quote someone had to use blocks of code. Although this method still works and is one of the best alternatives for blocking quotations.

Creating a block of code is much easier, and you can create it by applying your text with a single backtick (`) or triple backtick (`).

For a single line of quotation, use a single backspace (`) at the beginning and end of the sentence.

For a multi-line quotation, use the triple backspace (`) at the beginning and end of the sentence.

Quotes and code blocks, both of which are capable of quoting someone from Discordance. So it is up to you to decide which method you want to use for quoting. I advise you to try both methods and see which one suits you best.

Use natural robots

You can also use robots to quote someone. Some Github projects offer full citation functionality for other projects on Discord.

You must first download the projects and install them on your desktop. Below are two robots you can use.

The Citador bot is a simple tool that allows you to quote someone by simply clicking a button.


In recent years Dissord has become one of the best platforms on the market. From chat for players to the sale of games by developers, Discord has evolved enormously.

Do you want another item in the Discord application? If this is the case, you can mention it in the comment section below.

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