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If you run a website as a business or as support for a website, the increase in traffic is the key to change and thus to the growth and success you are looking for. Basically it starts with the number of clicks you get for your website. Building a website or opening a blog is just the beginning, the real work starts with the way you manage digital traffic and efficiently bring it to the public using different methods. Many people have tried and failed, but those who have succeeded have something in common. Here are some of the basic concepts you should consider to increase your online presence:


1. Understanding your audience

The first step is to determine what your target group wants. You can use Google Analytics to study traffic behaviour and the execution of keywords. You also need to know where your traffic is coming from and how to increase it. Visitors come because they are probably looking for information. So before you sit down and prepare your next piece of content, make sure it’s relevant to your audience. This way you can get the best out of your source and use it in other areas as well.


2. SEO

Google processes more than a billion searches per day and each search pushes more than a million websites from its results page. However, less than 10% of respondents receive all the traffic for a particular search, while the rest stay in the dark. According to a reputable SEO agency in Hong Kong, if search engines cannot find your website, you will lose business. You can do SEO yourself or with the help of professionals to quickly improve your online presence.


3. Contents

Most people come to your website because of its content. If you submit valuable and relevant information, you will be found as an administrator for that specific topic. Here are a few types of popular content that people find useful and that can help avoid traffic to your website.

  • Manual
    It is not necessary to be an expert to be an authority in a particular field. If you have sufficient knowledge in different areas, you can share it online and people will see you as a reliable source of valuable information. You can create videos or use computer graphics to make your tutorial fascinating and not trivial.
  • Better list
    When people have to limit the list of things they want to use, they usually want to hear it from people they know. They expect to find out what makes them great and how they can compare themselves.
  • Feedback
    We often see unpacking videos and other blog comments on some popular articles. This comprehensive overview is very useful for people who are considering buying the same item for themselves.


4. Enhanced usability

This is important because it not only has an impact on SEO, but also wants your visitors to come back again and again. It is important to consider the user experience, as it can be disabled for quality content, but your site will be full of pop-ups and difficult to navigate. As mobile devices begin to play a leading role as the main portal for the Internet, you will have to pay to adapt your website to this environment.

One of the easiest ways is paid advertising, but it’s very simple and service providers will tell you what you want to know when you register. Figuring out how to increase the value of your website organically is like answering the question of how you can get more and more people to come back to your website.

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