Fitbit Inspire HR vs Fitbit Charge 3: Which One is Best?

Fitbit trackers are quickly becoming the standard among fitness addicts. It has been more than ten years since the fitness monitoring company started producing these trackers. They offer more than 20 active trackers and smartphones in their range. The company’s smart watches compete with the iconic Apple watch series.

Fitbit Inspire HR and Fitbit Charge 3 are two of the many products from the fitness equipment manufacturer. Both the HR Inspiration and the Charge 3 programs have gained popularity among fitness experts. This is mainly due to the design and characteristics of these products.

Fitbit Inspire HR was one of the fitness trainers launched in 2019, while Charge 3 was launched in 2018. The third lot is advertised as a sports watch, while Inspire HR is an entry-level product for those who want to start their fitness program.

Both products sell well, as both are equipped with available fitness trainers. These trackers are comfortable, but also resistant to dust and wear and tear. The qualities that make this digital watch last longer and place it in the ranks of economic fitness trainers.

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Since Inspire HR and Charge 3 both belong to the fitness and wellness tracker category, the watch’s nomination encourages you to wear it all day long. That’s why it should be comfortable on your wrist. And because it’s an everyday watch, it’s also better to consider its design and appeal.

In today’s market, even an entry-level tracker comes with advanced monitoring features such as a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, a swimming check, a sport detection mode, etc. All these properties are important for maintaining the health and condition of individuals for a better lifestyle.

To be the best fitness tracker, the device must have a clearly legible display, be stylish and efficient and have attractive features that can satisfy consumers, whether they are professional athletes or simple fitness conscious people.

Fitbit inspires HR

Inspire HR is an entry-level model for a fitness monitoring company. If you need a small, thin screen that doesn’t sweat and get irritated after a day of use, this active tracker is a great option. This lightweight device allows you to monitor cardiovascular activity, track workouts, and track sleep accurately.

Weighing in at just 20 grams, the Inspire HR is a slim watch that’s comfortable to wear day and night. And unlike other Fitbit trackers, it can be attached to your belt or bra. It is therefore suitable for people who do not like to wear a watch or who are afraid of losing it when walking long distances.

The watch is extremely thin, which further increases the comfort factor. The display is a 128 x 72 mm grey OLED touch screen. The touch screen is not bright and cannot be seen in direct sunlight. Visual feedback is also minimal.

A button on the side provides easy access to quick settings such as battery information and to turn notifications on and off.

The Inspire HR is not just a fitness monitoring tool. It has benefits for all visitors to sports halls and healthy people. It allows you to keep track of your steps, distance, active minutes and calorie consumption. This gives you access to interesting statistics about your trainings.

It can automatically record multiple workouts, which is useful in case you forgot to record the calories burned. This information is stored in the Fitbit application and is available at all times.

If you want to increase your workout by one level, you can set exercises based on goals, a clock for your workout, and a display of your cardio level. This increases your motivation to achieve the practice goal. It is best to start the exercise manually on the tracker to make sure the exercise is recorded, so that you can access your training measures after the session.

The heart rate sensor is another important function of the Health Tracker. It is this edition of HR that makes it more expensive than the previous version of Fitbit Inspire.

In addition, it is designed to be waterproof for swimming and accompanies the active swimming track. However, only the duration of the trip is checked. He doesn’t count lengths, rounds and doesn’t recognize strokes when he swims.

At the end of the day, when you are tired from the daily routine, the tracker starts to follow the dream. It is especially useful for people with sleeping problems.

In addition, the tracker offers breathing exercises under the guidance of an instructor, which are a form of meditation. As you browse through the menu, you can choose between two or five minute exercises. Since this tracker does not allow you to download meditation applications such as Headspace, these breathing exercises can help you to relax even when you are at work.

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of a built-in GPS. You need to connect the watch to your phone so that it can track your position and the distance travelled. Maps and route data are required for outdoor training. In addition, you cannot listen to music because there is no music stored on your device.

Inspire HR can take up to five days, even if all activity tracking functionality is fully operational. Throughout the day, the heartbeat and the reporting aid are the largest consumption of the battery. Both functions can be turned off to conserve battery power. If the battery is low, the device will blink and automatically send an email to your associated account.

It only takes a few hours to fully charge your device, so you can wear it every night to check your sleep. However, a digital watch uses its own charger, which is frustrating because you would have to carry the charger everywhere when your battery is running low. If you lose the cable, you have to buy a new one. This is a stop that the company has not switched to a USB-C or micro-USB cable.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight construction
  • Accurate sleep monitoring
  • 5 days battery life


  • Small screen
  • Low battery performance

Adjustment costs 3

Like Inspire HR, a tracker is available with many functions.

In line with modern trends, the watch is presented in an elegant and seductive way with a fine, tight curve. It is lightweight and fits comfortably around your wrist, even when you are sleeping. The watch has a streamlined design with a button on the side. If you hold down the side button, you return to the previous screen, and if you hold down the side button, you go to the quick settings block, where you can disable notifications or the automatic wake-up of the screen. You can also use the page key to navigate through the different modes.

The third party is equipped with an OLED touch screen. The watch has a gray touch screen with a simple user interface. The touch screen is large enough to display all your messages without having to press the small screen. You can shake your wrist, lightly touch the screen or press the side button to wake up the clock. Although there was a delay, which was noticed when the watch woke up and shook the wrist.

This tracker is equipped with many health and fitness monitoring functions. It has all the advanced features such as a heart rate monitor, oxygen level detection and sleep rhythm detection. If you are a swimmer, the tracker is waterproof to about 50 meters (164 feet). It has a swimming mode that allows you to check circles and distances in the water.

The heart rate monitor continuously displays the heart rate data on the Home screen. Each time you try to wake your watch or touch the display, you can see your steps and heart rate. An upward motion from the bottom of the screen shows an overview of all training performance, from active minutes to water consumption. Water consumption data is important for regulating water intake to keep the body moist and healthy.

The digital tracker is equipped with a SpO2 sensor that measures the oxygen level of the blood. In addition to monitoring the oxygen level of your blood, the SpO2 sensor also monitors your sleep state. Because it is a light object, it will not be difficult to sleep with a rotating clock. In this way, the watch can easily follow your dreams and prevent hidden sleep disturbances.

If you are asleep, remember to turn off notifications and wake up on the screen by pressing and holding the inductive key. This is because the screen flashes constantly when you receive alerts, which can be frustrating when you are asleep.

All data is synchronized with the Fitbit application. Once you sync Charge 3 with the Fitbit application, you’ll have access to a detailed analysis that tells you how long you’ve been sleeping lightly, deep and fast and how long you’ve slept in general.

Another function similar to Inspire HR is target tracking. You can set specific goals and follow the training model. You can set 5 swimmers or 100 pumps on the watch and the watch will vibrate once the target is reached.

Unfortunately there is no GPS positioning for Fairy 3. While jogging or running, you need to connect the Charge 3 to your smartphone to track your position and the distance travelled. Another disadvantage is the lack of a music storage device. You also need to pair with your smartphone.

It is a great help for people who like to burn calories and train their muscles to the sound of music and relax while exercising. We all know it’s easier and less stressful to walk around with a little music to listen to. So if you want to take advantage of these two features, you need to bring a smartphone with you.

Once fully charged, charging can take from 3 to 7 days, even if all tracker functions are fully functional. Read all the alerts, check your exercise, sleep, and pursue your goals without making a big dent in battery life.


  • Lightweight body
  • Fully waterproof
  • Notifications from your smartphone
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Large screen


  • No music storage.
  • No GPS on board
  • monochrome representation
  • Personal Charger

Track charging 3 Winner status


Fitbit Charge 3 and Inspire HR are both available as activity monitoring systems with virtually identical characteristics. Charge 3 is one of the company’s flagship products, while Inspire HR is an entry-level model. Both have excellent tracking functions, but no built-in GPS or music storage for you. These are two important characteristics that most traders have on the market today.

Compared to Fitbit Charge 3 and Inspire HR, Charge 3 wins the battle for the tracker because it gives you a few days extra autonomy, relevant swim tracking data and a SpO2 sensor. Choose load 3 if you are a professional swimmer or if you enjoy swimming as a regular exercise. Batch 3’s revealing data will help you improve your swimming skills.

Several factors that need to be taken into account when investing in health and fitness tracks are the definition of the training mode, heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring and GPS positioning. A GPS tracker gives you a more accurate picture of your route and the distance you have travelled. In addition, a linked application to synchronize all your data not only stores data, but also makes training statistics more thorough and detailed.

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