Facebook Messenger Settings Who Can Message Me

Facebook Messenger is a unique and more efficient way to stay in touch with your loved ones. People love to send and receive messages. In most cases, some users do not mind receiving messages from strangers. But most of them don’t like having their mailboxes filled with junkies, spam and chat rooms.

For these users, the Facebook Messenger application has created certain privacy protection tools. You can manage these settings to determine who can send me messages or who can send you messages via Messenger or Facebook. You can also put messages from non-Friends in Facebook Messenger.

Before the privacy tools were limited to applications, some filters were added. Messages from a stranger will automatically appear in the spam folder of the message request form. In short: Messenger automatically ignores messages from strangers. You can also reply to a message to make friends or simply leave the call in a hidden inbox.

Now that they have refined the function with many tools, the function is known as Message Delivery. You have full control over the message request. In this article I will discuss the privacy settings of your Messenger messages. It is important that you update your Facebook and Messenger before making the following settings. So, let’s get started…

Settings for a messenger who can send me a message.

You can easily manage Facebook Messenger’s privacy settings for those who can send me messages. Thanks to Facebook Messenger for implementing the messaging feature in our privacy section of the application. You can easily get there and start checking the stop or receive new messages from anyone with your phone number. Also friends of friends on Facebook and others (no Facebook friends). In order to maintain these parameters, the following steps must be followed.

How do I manage who can send me messages via Facebook Messenger?

People with your phone number

Manage pausing or receiving messages from anyone who has your phone number in Messenger. Open the Messenger application and then tap the profile icon in the top left corner. Now click on the Privacy button when you send a message. In the Possible connections section, click on Persons with your phone number. Now select Chat to receive messages from them, or No Request Received to stop receiving messages from someone who has your phone number.

Persons with your phone number

Friends of friends on Facebook

Check who can send you messages, such as your friends’ friends on Facebook. Go to the Messenger application, touch your profile picture in the top left corner, touch Privacy and then touch Delivery. Now click on Friends on Facebook and then select Chat or No Requests (new messages) from Friends on Facebook Not received at all.

Friends of friends on Facebook

Friends of the Herald

You can easily stop or receive messages from strangers or other people on Facebook and Messenger. Before that: Open Messenger and your profile, then click Privacy, Delivery and select Other on the Facebook page. To receive messages from them, choose Message request, and to prevent them from being sent, choose No request received.

Other or non-Facebook friends

Facebook settings that can send me a message

Facebook has translated the Who can send me a message from the Facebook application into Messenger. With the Messenger application you can now control who can send you messages. For example, friends or acquaintances on Facebook and others (strangers) on Facebook. Follow the steps below:

In the Messenger application, touch your profile picture in the top left corner and go to Privacy and Messenger Delivery. Now click Friends of friends on Facebook and Others on Facebook. Select Chat or Message Request to receive messages from people, or Do not accept requests to stop receiving messages from people.

Do not let strangers send you messages on Facebook Messenger.

Thanks to the new privacy feature of Facebook Messenger. You can now easily manage or stop the exchange of messages in Facebook Messenger for strangers. Here are the simple steps:

Open the Facebook Messenger application and access your profile. Now go to Privacy, Delivery and click on Other People on Facebook in the option below. To stop receiving messages from strangers, select No requests received and leave.

Prevent unauthorized persons from sharing messages with you in Facebook Messenger

Can my friends send messages via Facebook or Messenger?

Yes, non-friends on Facebook and Messenger can send you messages. But these messages will not arrive in the main Facebook Messenger discussion list. As a result, Facebook always filters these messages because the requests and questions are available in the Spam Message Requests folder. In this way you can either reply to the person and become their friend, or delete their message request.

However, you can still prevent non-friends from sending requests for new messages. Follow these steps to do so: In Messenger you touch your profile and then touch Privacy, Messaging and more on Facebook. Now select No request received. From now on, you will never receive these drug addicts or spam messages from your non-friends on Facebook and Messenger.

Control that can send you messages on Facebook

Now you can no longer control who can send you messages in the Facebook or Facebook Desktop application. However, Facebook has switched to the Messenger application. You can now manage or control who can send you messages via Facebook Messenger. You can follow these simple steps:

In your Facebook Messenger application, go to your profile, then go to Privacy and click on Delivery. Now you can decide who can send you a message. For example, friends or acquaintances, people with your phone number, other people or people you don’t know on Facebook, and so on. Select the option to determine who can send you messages on Facebook.

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