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The fundamental principle of neurology is the integration of anatomy, molecular biology, cell biology, psychology and mathematical modelling to explain the functioning and functioning of neurons and neural circuits. The research that explains the behavior of consciousness is called neurology. Neurology has developed considerably, from the study of neurons to the medical imaging of the sensory functions of the brain.

The human brain contains 86 billion neurons. These neurons are brain cells that interact through electrochemical processes.

The source of the signal between two nerve cells is called the nerve tip. When a nerve cell is stimulated, an electrical signal activates a chemical that travels a short distance to the second nerve cell. Hundreds of neurons react to each other and process data at the same time.

Neuroscience has now reached a stage where it can document and decipher the connection between the neurons. Now people with physical disabilities, caused by amputations or neurological disorders, have the ability to control and interpret information about their motor nerves. The data or information collected may be used to monitor and operate other equipment.

Research on people with paralysis began in the late 1990s and showed that captured brain signals can control a robotic arm. And now there are several companies involved in neurological technologies.

What is Neuralink?

Our thoughts and actions are nothing more than electrochemical impulses, says the renowned entrepreneur Alon Musk. We can intercept, record and modify brain signals to increase brain activity. The treatment of blindness, paralysis, deafness and mental illness are some of the applications of the new Elon mask device demonstrated at the event. The system is called Neuralink. A neuralink is a small electrical device that can work in the brain, even if it replaces a small part of the skull. This device monitors brain functions, analyzes them and tries to predict the body’s functions. This technology has been developed to solve brain and spinal problems.

A neuralink is a 23 mm x 8 mm device that can be installed in the skull. The neural link replaces the small part of the skull. The instrument has 1024 electrodes or channels. It also has an all-day battery and a 6-axis IMU that monitors body pressure and other angular movements. It is charged by induction, like most smart watches.

Neural network installation

It is not recommended that only one person installs Neuralink, because this process is complex and requires a high degree of accuracy. A special robot is then developed to perform the entire Neuralink installation process. The operation can be performed within an hour without anaesthesia. The robot performs the entire operation, including the process of removing the skull, inserting the electrodes into the brain, inserting the neural connection and wrapping objects.

Installation of the electrodes requires greater precision and the robot ensures the correct insertion of the electrodes without damaging the blood vessels or arteries.


After the neural diagnosis, the process of monitoring brain function begins. The following image shows the brain function of a pig that has had a neural link implanted because this technology has not yet been tested in humans. The white dots are the neuronal peaks, and the blue area is the accumulation of neuronal peaks in this area of the brain.

This information can be processed and analysed. This part can be used to predict the movement of body parts.


Neural communication is not the first device. In the past, impulses from the monkey’s brain were used to manipulate the robot’s hand. BrainGate is a neurological company that develops and evaluates identical instruments for people with paralysis. But Neutralink is an innovative device that uses 1024 electrodes and is wireless. Brain function data can be used to determine the movements of other parts of the body, which is also an extraordinary thing. For people with paralysis, this device can be a blessing. The neuralink team is now working to deploy this device into the human brain as quickly as possible.


Without doubt, neurology is the technology of the future, capable of curing many diseases. But Alon Musk has more ambitions for this device, such as reading or writing memories and emotions, and ultimately a combination of human and artificial intelligence for better brain function.

Biomimicry is an electrochemical mechanism, often referred to as a system or device that mimics nature and ultimately contributes to the solution of complex human problems. Bio-mimetics are used to overcome problems related to disability. But he’s just repeating the basic movement. Can the neural liaison device perform a complex processing of brain activity? Can this device retrieve a sample of 86 billion neurons? Will Elon Mask be able to keep his promises? We can’t say any more about that.

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