Discord Text Formatting: Bold, Color, Italic, Strikethrough

Discord is one of the largest VOIP applications of the last ten years that have embellished our computers, and it looks like it will not be replaced soon. The basics are great, but have you ever thought about how your friends communicate with flowers or bold text? Simply put, Discord uses Markdown to format text, a system that can help you highlight what you say.

In this article we will show you how text formatting works in Discord and bring some extra’s to Discord servers: Colours, text in bold, italic, crossed out and underlined.

What is marking?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that first appeared in 2004. This language has a simple text formatting syntax and is designed for easy reading and writing. The original only supports HTML, but Markdown is used in a simple word processor to create rich text, such as B. to write messages in an online forum.

The markdown works in the background to format all our text. Now that we know what a responsibility is, we move on to the how.

Text formatting for disagreement: Types

Let’s start with the basic styles of text formatting on disk. By using a few characters, you can make ordinary text more conspicuous. Whether you want to use to mark your sentence on or just mark a specific word, we’ll show you how to do it.

There are four different styles that can be used separately or together: bold, italic, italics, strikethrough and underline.

For text in bold Discord, simply add two asterisks (**) on each side of the text.

Come on in: **The text you select**

For reader text in italics, add an asterisk (*) or underline (_) on both sides of the text.

Come on in: *The text you selected* or _The text you selected_.

For the text on disk in bold and italic , simply add three asterisks (***) on each side of the text.

Come on in: *** Your selected text***

To underline the text of the disagreement, simply add two underscores (__) on each side of the text.

Come on in: The text you have chosen.

To remove the Discordance text, simply add two doodles (~~) to each side of the text.

Come on in: ~Your chosen text~

Now that you know the different styles that can be applied to Discord text, let’s take a look at some combinations.

Here is an example of how you can mark Discord’s text in bold and italic.

Here is an example of how to bold the text of Discord.

Here is an example of Discordance’s text in italics.

Here is an example of how to drag the Discordance text.

Text formatting for disagreement: Code units

Before switching to another syntax and how it changes the color of the Discord text, let’s first understand the code blocks. Technically, this is classified as advanced discord-like text formatting, but it’s quite simple.

The chord supports code blocks with the backspace key ( ` ).

For a one-line block of code that simply emphasizes the text and leaves the surrounding space empty, use a single background before and after the text, as shown below.

For multi-line code blocks, simply insert three space bars (`) before and after the text.

Text formatting for disagreement: Letter in colour

When it comes to formatting colored text in Discord, we actually use a syntactic highlighting workaround. In principle, you can colour in the text by entering the name of the syntax language after three of these links.
Discord has no built-in text highlighting, but the file Highlight.js runs on the Discord background, allowing us to add colors to our messages.

Because we use syntax highlighting, the colors you can use are limited.

The steps for each color follow a similar format, where you must enter three flip checkmarks (`) at the beginning, then go back, then enter text, then go back, and finally enter three more flip checkmarks (`).

To colour the text red

To make the Discord text red, we use diff syntax highlighting. Note that you must insert a hyphen (-) in front of the text.

To color the text with Orange Discord

To make the Discord text orange, we use a CSS syntax that requires square brackets on both sides of [ ].

To colour the text yellow

To make the Discord text yellow, we use the correct syntax.

To colour the text in light green

To make the Discord text green, we use the diff syntax as for red; however, instead of a hyphen, we put a plus (+) in front of the text.

To colour the text blue

To make the text of the Blue Razdor blue, we will use the JSON syntax. This syntax requires the use of quotation marks(() on both sides of the text.

How to colour the text in obscene blue

To make the text of Discord blue, we use the source syntax. With ini syntax you have to put square brackets [ ] around the text.

Mark text with the colour

We will use the Tex syntax to highlight texts other than block codes. With this syntax you must format the text as described above, but add a dollar sign ($) at the beginning.

Circumventing the formatting of non-standard text

Some Discord users use asterisks and underscore characters with different messages in the daily chat, so it can be very useful to find a solution to counteract the different syntax.

If this applies to you, just use a backslash () to undo the effects of the different syntactic languages.


So here’s our guide to adding glitter to your Discord server using text formatting. Some of the syntax languages used have different colors, but they require a little more effort to achieve the same results as the ones mentioned above.

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