Cannot login on Tinder? Here’s the problem you been missing

Last updated on 3. September 2018 by Ariane Scube

If you’ve had problems entering the Tinder lately, or if you can’t fully enter the Tinder, few things have gone wrong.

This contribution is for you as;

  1. You get a Tinder Link error, something’s wrong 40303 or
  2. Something went wrong. Try later.

We’ve already talked about how to fix the Tinder A:40303 bug in this article – Why can’t you log in? You can read it before continuing with this message.

If you get this error while logging into Tinder Oops, something is wrong, try again later, it means that you can’t log into your Tinder account temporarily. You don’t have to worry so much.

Why Oh, something went wrong, try again later?

The two main reasons why you see the Tinder connection error;

  1. Facebook server failure for connected applications
  2. The cheesecloth server isn’t working.

What the hell do you mean?

Facebook server failure for connectedapplications

This is due to a number of technical problems with Facebook and applications that connect to Facebook and use the API to connect.

That’s what I mean – Tinder uses a Facebook login system. Tinder users register via their Facebook account. This means that some of your account information is linked to Facebook and transferred to Facebook.

If Facebook experiences a server failure for connected applications such as Tinder that use the login system on their applications or on their website, this can have consequences for them.

How long will the acquisition take?

This is just a temporary connection problem. As soon as the Facebook server is operational, you will be reconnected. I’ve had this experience before, and the average connection time is usually 12 hours. It might be less for you.

The cheesecloth server isn’t working.

It comes mainly from our own Tinder server. In most cases this depends on your location. This also applies to the registration question, as you can see on Facebook.

It is also a matter of temporary connection. If the Tinder solves the problem faster, you will also be logged in. It all depends on how Tinder works with them.

Why did something go wrong 40303?

If you encounter a Tinder login error as described above, this unfortunately means that your Tinder account has been suspended or deleted.

Normally an error message is displayed when you log in: Something went wrong in 40303. If you have actually seen this error message, it means that your account in Tinder has been suspended.

If this happens, you will not be able to create a new Tinder profile with the same Facebook account or phone number.

WTF, should Tinder forbid me?

The following items, listed below, may draw Tinder’s attention to your account.

  • Inappropriate messages in their games
  • inappropriate photos
  • Spam
  • Some kind of strange behavior.
  • Transgender, LGBTQ or other forms of LGBTQ
  • No photo profile.

The kind of profile photos you use, what your biography says and what you say in a conversation you can get out of Tinder. Tinder is a community of different characters. They see things very differently.

READ IT: How can I not be banished from the Tinder?

What do you want me to do?

Nothing! If you are still interested in Tinder, start with a new account.¬† Find another phone number or register a new free Facebook account and follow the steps we’ve discussed in this guide.

Still don’t know why you couldn’t login to your Tinder account? We made a complete 24-page guide for the Tinder. Click here to find out more and download your copy, or visit our download page.

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