Black Ops: Cold War – The Harsh Review

Well, there you go. A month after the first release, I can confidently share my thoughts on Call of Duty Black Ops: The Cold War. I wanted to wait long enough for important patches to update the game and see if those improvements would give a better overview, or if the patches would do anything important at all. The verdict? They don’t.

I try to remember that this game was originally developed by the developers of Sledgehammer, and Treyarch was hired to take more than a year for the release of the game in 2020. I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if this game was encoded from one studio and mixed from another, or if it was built from scratch in 12 months. I just know there’s something wrong with this game.

I’m pretty good at playing covert operations: The Cold War. I don’t perform well when I’m playing against a couple of thugs from the enemy team, but even then I manage to find ways to take out the handful of idiots I encounter who use fast burning methods, wall hackers and target robots. Apart from the cheaters, I’m certainly above average in my strategy and armament. I can’t say I don’t like the game, because I do. I like it, but as they say, step back.

Treyarch is known for its games in more arcade style. You don’t expect too much realism with fast movements, and that’s part of the charm that Treyarch offers with their games. Unfortunately, given the appearance of the game, the long list of bugs that appeared after its release and not to mention the large number of card explosions, it is clear that this game was not finished, and guess what? I don’t blame Treyarch. I blame Activision. Instead of making losses for a year and perhaps even using Warzone as a replacement source of income, Activision showed the door to this game and put a lot of pressure on the developers involved in the game. If it had been a PS4 launch title, it probably would have stuck, but it’s a next-generation launch title that has been thrown out the door and robbed us of all the magic we would have seen with the first CoD title on PS5 or Xbox Series X/S.

The campaign’s good. The story was a bit boring, but it had some funny moments. I finished the story in about 4-5 hours on the standard difficulty level. I feel like I’m in a bad ’80s action movie. I know it may seem like an insult, but a bad movie from the ’80s is a kind of compliment, because many of us like to think of bad movies that are badly written and have an even worse dialogue. I find it fascinating in itself. I don’t play CoD games for their campaign, but it’s still part of the game. The campaign as a whole could have been much better, but it could have been worse, so we face mediocrity throughout the campaign. Not once did I feel a real connection with the characters and Woods, so the return to the game seemed empty. I was glad to hear Woods came back until I played. Woods adds nothing to the experience and has made it less attractive to me. Well, people change, and I think that includes fictional characters.

Multiplayer is fun, but the maps are a bit lame. Where is the innovation? Where are the new ideas? Why are we dealing with the reissue of so many of last year’s fan favorites? Is that copying and pasting? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Is he original and creative? No, not really. Again: Treyarch was launched at the last minute, so I can understand that they had to find content in a very short time, but damn it, Activision, you’re a real monster when it comes to self-creation. They kicked Vince Zampella out when he tried to empty something more or less. Treyarch is a big development studio, and you’re wasting a dormant potential. Grrrrrr….

Anyway, as far as multiplayer is concerned, it’s fun, but there are still a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. It doesn’t seem to be anything new, but it does the trick to make us play. The mechanics of the weapons are correct, but I swear my weapons are occasionally blocked by the microphone. I had a shooting in which I shot 4 guys pushing Nuketown and I still had 11 bullets in the clip. I pull the trigger on enemy number 5 and the weapon keeps working. I pulled the trigger six times and heard six clicks. The opponent even stood there hesitating to look at me, while I pointed at the player’s head and looked directly at it. Then he pierced me. I was understandably disappointed. After the fight I saved my images and looked several times to understand what happened. All I think about is the truce, and I don’t think that’s a feature of the game.

Zombies certainly have their fans, but I’m a world player. What can I say about zombies? You’re funny. There are absolutely no endless waves of increasingly violent and numerous zombies hunting to kill you. It’s fun, but it’s not a trivial experience. Sometimes you have to think fast and yes, work as a team. Zombies are zombies, it’s a simple formula, just feverish fun.

As for the establishment of the Cold War Zone in Warsaw, that’s not what I had hoped for, to say the least. Although we have been given a new map, it is not enough to meet the expectations of the community at this time. Giving us a recycled Alcatraz card from the Blackout playlist is a bit like giving us a credit card. We were hoping for a brand new card, not just a smaller one with separate game modes. That’s cool, but it’s not enough, so I hope to see some sooner rather than later. I will say that I haven’t played Warzone for a month and after playing the Cold War for 30 days, then switched to WZ and played MW MP eleven times, I thought the shooting game, the game mechanism, the game engine, everything is superior to the Cold War. I felt more precise than ever. Maybe the fast movement brought back some more accuracy in the intense quotes for me via Black Ops. Although I’ve always considered myself a good Warzone player, I could clearly feel the difference between games, and that says a lot.

The final verdict… Considering that Treyarch was thrown under the bus during the development of this game, I have to say that the game is pretty good for the short time they’ve been working on it. Compared to previous games and other games of the new generation, this title lags significantly behind in popularity. It really bothers me that I have to give this game a grade, because I’m not directly attacking Treyarch, but I have to be honest. Because of the mediocrity, the originality, the many bugs and the lack of improvement, I give Call of Duty Black Ops : Cold War – 4 out of 10. A rigorous evaluation, I know. But my assessment is based on a lack of progress with something more recent. If you told me that this game was developed 10 years ago, cancelled, and then put back on the market with a little polish, I wouldn’t be surprised. It just looks like a delay, but if you ignore everything I listed, the game would look a lot better. It’s fun, I like to play, but the problems are there and shouldn’t be overlooked. Otherwise, the game of the future will be worse, not better,

Thank you for reading and respecting my opinion on the current state of affairs. It’s not easy to rate a game as low if you’ve been a fan from day one. Share your thoughts about the game and politely discuss what we like and dislike? As always, see you online!

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