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Make great deals with online tools and resources without ruining your business. We’re talking about 50 to 90 percent high-quality software, graphics, themes, plug-ins and more on these three sites that offer daily offers for small businesses.

Overview of item

Overview of the AppSumo


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AppSumo is a niche online retailer offering mega discounts on software for developers, programmers, web designers, graphic designers and many others. Their discounts range from 50 to 95% of the normal price, and you can get substantial discounts on internet related and other courses.

AppSumo also offers great offers for lifetime subscriptions to digital tools. You can get exclusive access to their latest offers by subscribing to the AppSumo newsletter.

for Other
  • Good deals for high quality products
  • They use and test every tool before they sell it.
  • 100% money back guarantee within 60 days
  • With a countdown tool you know exactly when the exchange is over.
  • Ownership and management by technicians
  • You will work with future developers to promote and sell the products.
  • No spam
  • Most offers are only available for a limited time and may be sold out.
  • Extremely strict approval process for advertising products to those who want to sell them.

What can I get with AppSumo offers?

Here are some of the most popular AppSumo offers they have offered in the past:

  • Ninja Webinar: $49 for lifetime registration (normally from $45/month).
  • Landingi Landing Page Designer: $49 per lifetime registration ($29 per month).
  • ClickMinded SEO Training Course: $149 (normal rate $479)
  • Serpstat referral platform: $39 per lifetime registration (regular minimum of $300 per year).
  • Kernest Constellations Premium Font Packs: $125 (normal price: $540)
  • View all current offers!

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Overview of Mighty Seals


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MightyDeals is a definitive solution if you are looking for massive discounts on high quality web tools from unscrupulous creators, with discounts ranging from 50 to 97%. MightyDeals focuses mainly on products and services for web designers, so it offers little to developers compared to AppSumo.

This site is managed by and is owned by The Web Designer Depot Team, a leading blog. They offer a wide range of products, including software and plug-ins, themes, images, fonts, courses, e-books and much more. Sign up for MightyDeal’s email alerts to stay informed about the latest offers.

for Other
  • Offer some of the best offers you can find
  • The website offers a free download of certain fonts, symbols, icons and others.
  • No registration obligation or initial fee
  • With a countdown tool you know exactly when the exchange is over.
  • 100% money back guarantee for 30 days
  • The site is managed by web design experts who maintain close relationships with many leading creative suppliers.
  • Most transactions are only available for a very limited time.
  • There are not as many development contracts as AppSumo.
  • Fewer agreements on branded products.

What can I get from MightyDeals?

Here are some of the most popular offers from the past of MightyDeals:

  • 25 presentation and social media templates, plus 9000+ vector icons: $17 (normal price: $510).
  • Pixel icons 6,500 unique icons: $19 (normal price: $97)
  • Lifetime subscription to Dragify Site Builder: $24 (normal fee: $299)
  • WordPress plugins and Club Lisatom themes with lifetime access: $37 (normal rate $199)
  • Interface Design Library: $14 ($29 regular)
  • View all current offers!

Ink source overview


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InkyDeals is a small British site with special offers for various digital design tools. You will mainly find products related to graphic and web design, photoshops, stock images, vector illustrations and fonts. They have font kits, Instagram templates, Photoshop filters, thematic graphic kits, etc.

for Other
  • Significant reductions
  • The best selection of free downloads we’ve seen for overlays, fonts, vectors, e-learning and more.
  • 100% money back guarantee within 60 days
  • Managed by experienced graphic designers, web developers and creative marketing experts.
  • The products are not as diverse as AppSumo or MightyDeals (very few development tools).
  • Most products do not have a countdown timer to tell you when the agreement expires.

What can I get from InkyDeals?

Here are some of the most popular InkyDeals deals from the past:

  • DesignTNT Ultimate Creative Bundle: $59 (worth over $4,000)
  • Easy Peasy 147 textured: $24 (ordinary $147)
  • LogoZilla Super Premium Logo Builder: $32 (ordinary $170)
  • Movavi Plus video editor: $29 (regular $100)
  • Over 3,000 overhead photos: $49 (cost: $3,200)
  • View all current offers!

What can you get from InkyDeals?

Watch this short video to get an idea of the daily offers and small businesses you’ll find on InkyDeals.


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Which sites allow you to find the best deals for everything to do with technology?

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