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What is an office without communication? Good office phone systems can really act as a catalyst for an orderly flow of communication and help in the workplace. Business communication is very diverse and good communication systems can provide a solid operational basis.

As times become more complex and operations more dynamic, sticking to the old traditional methods of communication will be more of an obligation than an advantage. Functional and operational speakers require the best telephone systems.

Therefore, virtual telephone systems were introduced to absorb the operational and functional dynamics. These telephone systems offer a wide range of functions and go far beyond simple calling methods. If you want to know more, go to at WeNumber to see them.

What are virtual telephone systems?

Virtual telephone systems are Internet-based telephone systems that offer a complete communication solution for companies. Unlike traditional telephone lines, which were essentially room-based, virtual telephone systems are extremely dynamic and save a lot of money.

Many companies now use the area code 01223 under the call number to cover their communication costs. You can switch to WeNumber to evaluate all types of codes, numbers and systems you can get the most out of at the lowest cost.

Why should I use a phone system for a virtual office?

As we’ve said, corporate communication is diverse. This means that one communication takes place with the outside world and the other within the employees. Communication barriers can seriously hamper business operations.

That is why virtual telephone numbers have become a visible solution to fill all possible communication gaps, both internally and externally. You need to maintain a virtual telephone system in your office for the following reasons:

5 reasons why your office telephone system needs to be switched to virtual

Improved customer service

In fierce competition, companies and brands are always in the orchestra to do better than the others. Customer service is one of those aspects that can become an important niche for companies.

Virtual phone systems allow you to work with customers as efficiently as possible. You can switch to WeNumber to see if even the simplest plan for a virtual phone system has the functions below:

  • Automatic greeting
  • Information about the estimated waiting time
  • Music melody for call signalling
  • Call forwarding and conference

In addition, virtual phone systems provide direct access to customer information. The customer does not have to repeat his request. Even if it’s not the first time a customer calls the company, the account manager can view the T-Details.

There are all levels of escalation, requests and improved features that can improve the quality of service. With things as simple as thanking you for knowing the exact problem, virtual phones help solve customers’ problems faster.

Including remote control

Virtual phone systems allow you to work remotely through call forwarding and remote access. Because the system is based on the cloud and not on a physical installation, employees can access their phones through a device connected to the internet.

Remote control does not create unwanted dependence on office space or the telephone network. Since it is essentially the Internet, there are no tape or telephone line problems.

Employees can work remotely without leaving their home. This method is extremely effective in crisis situations. This is a good way to ensure that even in the event of an operational crisis, functions can be performed remotely by the team.

The possibility to work remotely also offers flexibility to young people who are mainly engaged in these tasks. They prefer this dynamic work facility and not their telephone.


The professionalism of a company or brand is measured by the ease with which it makes itself available to its customers. With auto-reply, reminder options, waiting for a time evaluation and automatic increase in customer information.

Even if a small or new company is involved, special customer service via the virtual telephone system can give a boost to growth. This perception of the client’s professional approach creates trust.

Customers are likely to rely on and invest in companies or services provided by professionals. The aim is to improve the quality of customer service. The conquest of markets and the creation of functional niches are crucial for the success of companies.

Virtual phone systems help build this trust through new and improved ways of communicating with customers. Customers like to feel heard, respected and accessible. Virtual phone systems help you set up your business professionally.

Internal cooperation

Virtual phone systems not only simplify external communication, but also create internal communication. Although these systems enable people to work remotely, they also have strong communication capabilities that enable them to stay in touch.

Through chat rooms, video conferencing, meetings, escalations, etc., interdependencies are fairly displayed and even monitored. This leads to a scenario of healthy competition within the company.

Employees feel connected and involved. Internal consistency is increased and employees can communicate in a different way than with traditional means. This makes the work process more dynamic and the work becomes an integral part of the communication.

Monitoring and analysis

Virtual telephony systems are capable of tracking and analysing every campaign, every achievement, etc., based solely on specific numbers. This allows companies to allocate campaigns and analyse their impact on the company.

Companies no longer have to work on a gross basis. The figures will be realistic and achievable and will provide the precision and basis for strategic decisions. So it is really useful to have a real numerical basis and a basis for important strategic decisions.


There’s a reason why offices have their roots in WeNumber code 01223. The functional levers offered by virtual telephone systems increase the efficiency of the office in various ways.

When you switch to WeNumber, it’s not just a virtual number provider, but the answer to all your codes, numbers and phone system requests. Many companies rely on WeNumber for their room selection and the savings they’ve made make it even more popular.

Virtual telephone systems are the answer to the challenges of traditional telephone systems. It’s an incredible option when your business, processes, campaigns and communication are integrated into one main channel.

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