18 Best Horror Movies That You Should Watch This Halloween

On a cold winter night I saw a woman in a black dress standing next to my bed. When I looked at her, she started cursing me, calling me names and telling me she would never let me live in peace.

I went crazy talking to a ghost, which I noticed later. She suddenly started pulling me into bed and attacking me. And when I called for help, she disappeared. It took me a long time to get back to normal.

It’s scary, isn’t it? So be it! Because it’s a month of excitement, jokes, tricks and treats. Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! It’s Halloween.

Halloween is one of those parties where there’s nothing but thrills that no one can resist. It’s the kind of event where everyone, regardless of age, enjoys their costumes, treats and jokes.

October, the month of Halloween has finally arrived, the only time horror is fun and everyone is ready to watch horror movies at the end.

What’s more fun than watching the movie with your boys?

Horror movies to watch this Halloween season.

And for those souls who want to do a little more than just cut pumpkins, make jokes your great-grandfather made since childhood and tell scary stories, here’s a list of ten horror films to watch as a family that can send shivers down your spine.

It’s time to put popcorn in your mouth and lie lazy and comfortable on the couch to literally NETFLIX and cool down. There are many basic digital offers, so take advantage of these film discounts and enjoy a night out with the family.


We all love parties, don’t we? This film is about a family on vacation, shocked by the way a group of twins surround them and attack them with mysterious motives.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

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Net revenue

Get out of here. One of those movies. Imagine a film without ghosts, without paranormal activities in general and at the same time horrible and scary. They say: Get out of here! The movie did. Numerous prizes, including an Oscar for best writing.

Jordan Peel does it. Yeah, it’s the same guy from Key and Peel. It tells the story of a black man who visits the family of his white girlfriend to be shocked by her absurd behaviour. Like the protagonist, you will feel that the absurdity of the film and its character, and when it reaches its climax, is even more shocking and terrifying.

For a change, you can give this movie a chance on Halloween. Get Out is one of the best Halloween movies you can watch (both critically and in my opinion). I think you can also feel the absurdity and horror that millions of other viewers have felt when you’ve watched it.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.


Over dinner, a man begins to suspect that his ex-wife and husband have terrible plans for their guests. Well, what better appeal than eating!

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

Sensitive (line)

What could be better than watching a horror movie on Halloween? Watch some Halloween movies.

Insidious is a series of four horror films directed by James Van and Lee Vannell. Even more exciting is the fact that all four films are ranked as the best hours of horror. This series contains some of the best Halloween movies.

The film series shows Lin Shay, an old but experienced detective for paranormal phenomena. Lee Vannell is also wearing his acting shoes in this show. And how can a horror movie end without Patrick Wilson?

The four parts describe paranormal events that are interconnected in a way that fascinates and captivates the audience deep inside and completes the series at once. James Van has again written a lot, which is fully reflected in the history and events. The sound effects make the film even more fascinating and undoubtedly more frightening.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

We’re still there

Thirty years later, an old haunted house in England wakes up and claims a victim. Now it’s a pretty confusing place to go on vacation.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

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He (row)

Children and horror are the perfect combination. Really? Now, after viewing the computer, you can consider this a winning combination. On the one hand there is the filth, the walks, the laughter and the passing fights of the children who feel so calm and fascinating as they watch, and on the other hand we have IT, a ruthless, carnivorous and terrible spirit dressed up as a clown.

The IT film series, directed by Andrés Muschietti, consists of two chapters with Finn Wolfhard, Stranger Things, the first chapter and Bill Hader, the second chapter. Both chapters tell the story of the same characters in the small town of Derby, who at different stages of their lives face a terrible and dangerous monster called IT – in the first chapter as a child and in the second chapter as an adult.

IT has been praised by many people and many of them even consider it to be the best horror film with a perfect mix of horror, emotions and of course the innocence of children. The movie is a great family movie.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

Heavy 2

The idea of raising four children is frightening in itself, and when accompanied by a supernatural mind, it can cause a lot of anxiety. Can you recover and defeat these supernatural spirits?

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.


There are many films in the Heavy Universe, but the oldest, saddest and darkest chapter of all was said in the Nun. Not to mention the horror of Heavy 2. In honor of a nun who was an evil spirit against the Lauren. But it wasn’t until 2018 that the nun got her own film. The nun was fired in 2018 under the leadership of Corinne Hardy. The story revolves around a large empty church somewhere in Romania.

In Romania the church is visited by a priest, a novice and a local resident after the death of a young nun. The church could not have been more scary, and the decor and sound effect completely enhance the intensity of the plot. A nun can be a good choice for a horror movie to watch with your family on Halloween night.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

Crude oil

A young vegetarian who, after the incident, turns into a carnivorous creature hungry for human flesh. But it’s too fast.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

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The widow will know that the story of the monster that tells her son in the books is true. I told you, Mom!

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

Annabelle (row)

What sweet, beautiful dolls! I mean her cute little hands, legs and fingers, her beautiful smile and the ease with which you can move her from one place to another. But will you feel the same when her beautiful smile starts to grow and you’re the only one who can move from one place to another? It’s creepy, isn’t it?

A series of films about a cursed doll named Annabelle. The doll has a terrible and tragic past and brings terror and excitement to the place where it is kept. There are three films in the series, all of which can be viewed as a family. So you can watch all the movies with your family until the Halloween party!

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

Home Sematology

When a family moves to a new house in the countryside, they are greeted by dark and mysterious spirits who lay their foundation in angry and terrible graves.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

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Alarm Clock

Florence Cutcart, the protagonist of the story, who works to expose the shenanigans, accidentally goes to boarding school to investigate the origin of a child’s mind. Yet the atmosphere that surrounds them is something supernatural.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

The curse of the Llorona

Ready for the Mexican classics, I’m not talking about the narcotics. The curse of La Llorona concerns a single mother who works for the American police and has two children. So, how’s it going in Mexican? Well, the ghost and its legend have their roots in Mexico.

As we said, children and ghosts are a perfect combination, and that is also shown in this film. We’re talking about a ghost that kills other children, just like she killed her own when she was alive. The film is very scary, and the light and sound complete the intensity and the intense background.

As in many other horror films, there is a church, well, at least the priest is involved, who helps the protagonist to protect his children. It’s also a family movie that you can watch together with everyone on Halloween.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.


Chaos arises when two female vampires flee their loved ones by sea to England.

Available on : iTunes | Amazon

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Curse of Chucky

The story of a little girl who is obsessed with a doll, a cliché, but who has goose bumps on her skin.

Put it on: iTunes | Amazon


A photojournalist who accidentally goes to a place occupied by foreigners between the United States and Mexico.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

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A documentary film about eight people suffering from sleep paralysis and the resulting events.

You can get it from: iTunes. Amazon.

The above movies that can give you the right dose of fear this Halloween, whether it’s a possessed doll or a beautiful clown who lives under a ditch and feeds on children, it’s time to sit down with your family and watch some of your favorite fears.

Besides these Halloween films, which are only a small part of the perfect list of horror films, there are many other recent films that fall into these categories.

So choose the movie you want to watch this Halloween experience in, or submit it via iTunes, Amazon or Vudu.

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