15 Best Free Icon Sets 2020

Icons have a rich history since we used electronic devices. In the beginning, the symbols were simply used in the physical devices, which made it easier for the customer to work with the devices. Nowadays, icons are one of the basic components of any modern product, and when it comes to horseshoe-shaped gadgets, icons are a necessary concentration in any user interface structure. Mobile phones generally use icons for their user interface. The extraction of the substance on a small screen is a test for each creator, the symbols speak more or less with the idea.

Icons have the ability to communicate with the customer without content. Icons are used to speed up the connection to the customer. A customer needs to read some text instead of the ideal opportunity to see and understand symbols. The configuration of the user interface is constantly evolving and progressing, and it can be difficult to keep track of the latest changes to the icons. Although this year’s pattern changes were not as radical as in previous years, the icons have gradually improved, become more specific and have captured the brilliance of the immaculate completely, fusing the abundance of small highlights from the most elementary iconographic styles.

Icons can undoubtedly be described as one of the most important components of the graphical user interface. These icons help you to communicate a lot of things, all with one image. In any case, the whole intended creation process and the structuring of an icon can be very complex and clumsy.


Launched in 2011, Project Noun is updated daily with new icons created by a global network of expert manufacturers. It currently contains more than 2,000,000 icons that can be downloaded and adapted free of charge.


Icons for material design

One of the most important aspects of Google’s hardware design resources (besides the generator of the shadow palette, the text style index and this is just the beginning) is this rich symbol palette. The icons are available in five unique themes – filled, drawn, matching, bicoloured and sharp.



The wide range of icons8 , all delivered and planned in-house, consists of numerous sets of icons. So you can choose the style that best suits your business and work with the symbols in this set. The website offers full customisation options for downloading, from changing the shadow, size and position of the icon to activating the text.



The Sofia years began as a private lesson by Robbie Pierce in which he planned the icon on a daily basis. After several years of collecting different icons, he launched the company as a free icon pack for individuals and companies.


iOS edge

This free icon package, structured by Zack Roszewski for Flaticons, matches the Apple sensors for the iOS interface. It is available in a schematic and full version. This free example is part of a more complete paid layout with 2400 icons.



This range of vector control icons is a free form of a large premium complex of 1001 icons. The icons are planned on a 20×20 pixel array. If you use the free form, make sure you are logged in to the attribution site and indicate Perxis as the sender.



The pen is an open-source symbol set. The icons are designed in a 24×24 network with an emphasis on straightness, consistency and adaptability and are MIT-licensed. You can also discover these icons in the form of a library of sketches about Gituba, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.



Ionica is an open source product line authorized by MIT. All icons have the same hardware design style as iOS, so they look great on Android and iOS. They are also very suitable for websites and can be used as web fonts. The scale worked in the ion structure group.



Jam is a set of icons that Michael Amprimo wants to use on the internet, in applications and in print media. The icons are planned via a 24×24 network with a 2 pixel bar and are supplied both in the drawing and in the finished view. An authorized MIT license kit is also available from Github.


Tonic font

The text style of the CSS symbol has been designed with web specialists and designers in mind. The icons have a vectorised shape and the PNG versions are available in 32px and 64px. Please note that individual use is free, as before. For commercial purposes, Tonicons offers different groups of paid symbols.


Mixed computer symbols

This pictogram area is free of any form of sovereignty. The icons that are remembered range from science and medicine to travel and business, and that’s just the beginning.


Earth and space

Spaceships ready and waiting! The Iconshock team has put together a charming collection of downloadable icons that focus on everything to do with stars, including our reality and space.



The Iconfinder icon set contains 50 vector lines. It was planned by Sergei Ershov and licensed under Creative Commons, making it necessary to provide the right credits for each use.



This set of symbols is free for individual and professional use. Ready to download and use immediately.


Linear geometric symbols

These Andy-Kelly symbols are only structured by straight lines, with a line width of 2px. The size of the icons is limited to 20px, so it is preferable to use them in the structure of the application or the web interface.


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